Expired SSL certificates can cause your website / e-commerce store to go down all of a sudden. 😭

Systems fail & humans make mistakes. Don't let that cost you. 💸

✉️Get notified via email when SSL certificate gets quite close to expiration.

Works great to catch any failures in renewal system 💪

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Psst.. Using Letsencrypt? I have seen its cron renewal fail too 🤷‍♂️

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I will start sending notifications when certificate is expiring in less than 14 days.

Setup alert below:

Alright! I will notify you ✌️

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Why did I build this?

I witnessed the problem first-hand:

My consulting clients ($1-10M annual revenue) managed to get their SSL Certificate expired. Sometimes, their card expired. At other times, the person responsible was on vacation, so it got missed.I use Letsencrypt issued certificates on my own projects & a couple of times I discovered the renewal cron has failed and my SSL certificate was broken.
It simply translates into a broken website, loss of revenue & scaring users off.

So, I built this tool to use for myself & currently working on extending it to do more. But that's a work in progress. 40+ days & counting. So, I took the core idea out and built this tool over the weekend (10-11 Feb 2018).

Written on 12 Feb 2018

What's the catch? Why is this free?

I have been building my primary product for 40+ days now and its going to be a month more before I build it out. What if I built that nobody wanted or something that was very hard to communicate? People tend to be ignorant of security stuff, even though its important.

So, I decided to extract out the core idea I had & offer it as a free tool. This achieves 2 things:

Offering something valuable for free, which would translate into more security on the web.Enough people using this also validates my primary product.